Spd Ltd - Las Vegas Waterjet Cutting, Custom Machining, Parts Design & Fabrication

  Spd Ltd provides value added Design and Manufacturing support and consulting for all industries. We specialize in Waterjet Cutting, Milling, Turning, Tig Welding, and other specialized production support to the Greater Las Vegas Area.

58x EFI Trigger Wheel  Serpentine Pulley System for Supercharger  4130 Tig Welded Off-road Spindles  4130 waterjet cut spindle pieces  4130 spindles  6061 Fuel Tank Brackets 

  Spd Ltd specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing liason of custom components. From single piece prototypes, or reproductions of hard to find / no-longer-made parts, to full production runs we can accurately and rapidly produce your parts in a cost effective manner from a wide range of metals including stainless steels, aluminum alloys, chromoly, or titatium.

  Whether it's single process Waterjet cutting from your designs, or parts requiring secondary machining, precision welding, and finishing processes, designed from scratch by us to meet your application's specific needs we have the ability to produce the components you want with an unmatched level of attention to detail, precision, and aesthetic qualities.

Architectural Bronze  4 Tooth hall-effect trigger  Volkswagen EFI Crank trigger integrated into oil fitting 

Spd Ltd

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